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If you don't ask, you won't get

by Rev. Grant Gunnink on 06/16/11

This summer marks four years for me as a minister at Valleyview.  I think the one thing I've learned, which really stands out for me, is that things don't happen in people's lives unless you're willing to ask for it.  

This has been a challenge for me because I'm the kind of person who wants to give everyone their own space and pace for growth.  And I've always sort of believed that if people were happy and liked what you were doing in ministry then they would just sort of grow on their own. 

I've discovered otherwise!  In my context I've seen that people respond and start to grow in discipleship when I've clearly communicated what the expectations are and what the commitment level is. 

I find this a bit difficult because we live in a culture which says "don't force your opinions on me!" But I am a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and that means that I have to answer to Christ one day for the spiritual growth of those he has entrusted in my care. 

So I'm discovering that I need to gently, but boldy and confidently say - discipleship is a priority and you simply need to make it more important than some other things in your life right now...

If I don't, people won't become more committed disciples automatically.

Just my thoughts after four years.



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