Online Worship
Please read carefully before clicking the Sunday Worship Icon to log in

Valleyview uses Go-To-Meeting for online worship connection. For the best online experience we recomend that you download the App for this program when prompted.

** If you are using a Mac you need to access this in Chrome, not Safari
** When you log in, please keep your mic muted

NOTE: You will not hear the band playing over Go-to-Meeting. We stream the worship music over a live-stream for best quality. Please activate the Live stream now by clicking on the link and then muting your media player.  During the service you will be prompted to un-mute yor media player when the band will play.  when the music is finished you will mute your media player again.  Only use your mute and unmute controls.

** If you are using a Mac you need to access this link in Chrome, not Safari
** Disregard any file warnings, this file is safe as it connects directly to our Audio Server
** Keep the media player MUTED until instructed to unmute it during the serivce.
** MUTE the media player again after the music is finished

Hint - You can use one device such as a tablet to access Go-To-Meeting, and another device such as a phone to access the audio stream. 

Hint - Trying connecting your Audio Stream device up to a Bluetooth speaker or quality headphones, to enjoy the full sound of the band. 

Hint - To see more people in the service use a Computer to log in,  tablets will show a max of six video feeds, phones will show one or two. 

Hint - Connecting your video feed to a TV enhances the viewing expeirence